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  • The Power of Serving Together: Kudos to Shore Country Day School

    Recently North Shore United Way partnered with Shore Country Day School for a family community service day called United In Service. On April 18th, 300 children and parents fanned out across the North Shore for 18 projects that improved our community. The challenge: get families with children as young as four serving together.  Any family interested in community service might consider trying out similar projects as time allows. Read on for ideas!

givingtuesday give time

In honor of #GivingTuesday North Shore United Way has prepared a stream of featured volunteer opportunities with our partners. These will stay up all month long, helping you find a place where you can put your efforts to work to truly improve the lives of others. 


Want to make a difference in your community?  The North Shore Volunteer Hub makes it easy to get started. The video above will show you some of the best interactive features of the site. If you have questions or aren't finding exactly what you are looking for, contact Sarah at the North Shore United Way at 978-922-3966.

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